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Thread: Is it I or me?

  1. Marian

    Lightbulb Is it I or me?

    Please settle a dispute in the office (between the boss and me!) of when to use I and when to use me.

    "Thank you for coming to our hotel to meet X and me (or is the boss right and it is I?)"

    "Just a short note from X and me" (or, again, is the boss right and is it I?)

    Your help would be greatly appreciated please.

    Marian Welch

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    Re: Is it I or me?

    In the first, it should be 'me' because it is the object of the verb meet. In the second, it should 'me' because we use the object case after a preposition.
    He met I. (incorrect)
    He met John and I. (incorrect)
    Just a short note from I. incorrect)
    Just a short note from John and I. (incorrect)
    Adding a second person doesn't change the fact that they are object pronouns. Your boss might be thinking of errors like 'Me and John went out' instead of 'John and I went out', but there it is the subject.


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