please check my Statment of Objectives to apply for Master scholarship

Following a visit to your company last year, I decided to apply to your program because I am interested in working and researching in the renewable energy projects such as solar energy. Therefore, this scholarship program offers me the opportunities to continue my studies and to work within your company which relates to my specialization field. My goal is to continue my studies and work hard in the new researches are being done in my country to create a developed society. I believe that I have the confidence in myself to strive for the furthest goals.
I look forward to having this experience you offer and to prove my ability by assisting your company in developing safe world with high technologies using the renewable and clean energy. I believe that the world will depend on the renewable energy as the main source of energy to reduce the damages caused by other sources of energy in the environment. Furthermore, the future of our country depends on finding advanced technologies that work on safe energy and the will to build a community that has the highest standards of safety and prosperity.

I graduated in January 2010 from United Arab Emirates University with Bachelor of Science degree in Physics as a major specialization and in Mathematics as a minor specialization with a GPA of 3.49. My academic life in the university was full of learning with hard challenges which refined my personality and developed my skills to make me more confident and determined to learn more.

I always have the desire to learn and study new subjects and new developments in science. Therefore, I am always ready to take any opportunities that will help me to further my knowledge. At college I was able to combine studying and participating in activities, I was a member of the 'Physics Club' for two years and participated on 'Physics Day' twice. The first time was in 2007, there was a competition for 'special physics projects. My project was about "Particles and Antiparticles" and I came first. The second time was in 2008 as a program presenter for the event. Furthermore, I had attended CERN-UAEU Workshop in 2007, which opened my mind to new researches using particles and simple equipments to produce huge energy.

Some of my keys skills are organizing and managing people, and my ability to learn new skills. Because I have these key skills I have often found myself in a leadership role.

In my final year of college, we had to do two important things before graduating that proved our skills in being creatingcreative and innovative, management, and teamwork. The first was the graduating project. The group which I lead chose "Genetic Algorithms for modeling and optimization" to be our subject. After two months, we understood the subject, writing our report, applied it in the form of a computer program and presented to our instructors. The second thing was choosing a company to work within for two months and I picked 'The Forensic Evidence Department'. I trained in three sections of the department: 'Questioned documents section', 'Fire investigation section' and 'Tool mark and fire arm examination section'. I have learnt a lot of significant skills in this department such as comparison, imagination, observation, examination and measuring. Furthermore, I practiced using many devices such as the 'UV spectrum device' and 'VSC device' (Video Spectral Comparator). In addition, we checked some old cases to learn how the reports are written. Training in this department taught me to be always creative in my work, effectively and to manage time.

In the end I would like to say learning is a continuous process. It is not dependent on our age, but it is on how we apply ourselves to learning and our desire to increase our knowledge; consequently to become a successful and respected member of our community.