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    Come Down or Come Over or Come By or Come Around or Drop By

    Hello teachers,

    I highly appreciate you taking out time, helping all of us out.

    I watch Hollywood movies a lot & have always wondered which of the following is right?

    1. Come Down or
    2. Come Over or
    3. Come By or
    4. Come Around or
    5. Drop By

    Perhaps it depends upon the context, but I would really appriciate if anyone explained these 5 with contexts.

    from India.

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    Re: Come Down or Come Over or Come By or Come Around or Drop By

    You will find the meanings and examples here: come - definition of come by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. (at the bottom).

    If something is still unclear, someone will surely explain.

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    Re: Come Down or Come Over or Come By or Come Around or Drop By

    A few examples:

    Come Down: "Hi Charlie. Why don't you come down and visit us this weekend?" (Charlie is located geographically north of the caller but not necessarily at a long distance) OR "Junior, come down here and pick up your toys." (Junior is upstairs and the speaker is downstairs) Both examples,suggest physical motion.
    Come Over/Come By/Drop By/Come Around/Stop By: "Why not (CO/CB/DB/CA/SB) tonight and we'll watch the game on TV?" (The speaker and the listener are not necessarily in the immediate vicinity of each other. They could be next door neighbors or they could live within a reasonable distance of each other)

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