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    No Degree, can I get work with just Celta?

    I have a lot of life experience. I have been a scuba instructor and ran my own dive company in Asia. I have over 100 articles on the internet. I was a professional radio announcer in the USA, as well as having 20 years of experience in sales.

    I have some college, but do not have a degree from a university. With a CELTA certificate will I be able to find decent paying work in Asia?

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    Re: No Degree, can I get work with just Celta?

    Hello Chuck,
    The short answer is 'yes'. A longer one would be 'definitely'. The hesitant answer would be how well do you teach, how much do you love helping others, and how interested are you in English? I can't tell you the number of young teachers I've come across with with TEFOL, TESL, EFL, Cambridge qualifications and teaching certificates etc. etc. that are grammar smart and life dumb. In most cases, the best teachers have all had experience in plenty other areas of life other than studying. Good luck and best wishes.

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    Re: No Degree, can I get work with just Celta?

    It really depends on what you mean by decent paying- you can make a living, and a reasonable one in many places. You'll be able to find work, though check with legal requirements of countries first as some want a degree + certificate, as do some institutes, while others require nothing more than vital signs. Which country/countries are you thinking of?

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    Re: No Degree, can I get work with just Celta?

    Yes, there are teachers teaching with only a TEFL certificate in pretty well all countries. It's becoming harder though and you'll need to do more work to find a job. But it is certainly still possible.

    Essentially you will need some kind of qualification. Then you need to be in the right country at the right time - around the beginning of the academic year.

    Places like China and Taiwan are good bets.

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