Hello. it is part of an essay for a foreign University. I would like to apply in a MS program of space engineering. Can anybody corrects it? thank you very much! I know that it is a bit long...correct until you want. Thanks

What about the specialisation that interest me most. I would like to take Space System Engineering MSc Program. The area of my interest concerns the mission analysis. Today we use and take advantage from Space environment for business and commercial scopes. It is very important to finance all space missions. The Space Age was born with the idea to explore what we don't know. Just only after few years we are able to study how was born Solar System. In my opinion this is the most interesting, astonishing and attractive goal and aspect of space exploration. For this reason I'm really attracted by space mission analysis because it doesn't have only a commercial aspect but it is the foundation for space exploration.
Coming more in detail about the reasons why I would like to take the Space MSc Programme at D. University there are two basic aspects that I have noticed and that in my opinion can fill the gaps in the academic education I formerly received. The first thing is the practical study, with real life examples. For me it is important to have an experience very close, very similar with workdays, also during the period of study. Only by these kind of experiences it is possible to understand the problems, the expectations and the resorts about this field. I would like concisely to report an experience within I can easily to explain what I mean. Even if for a short time, I have listened few lessons of Economy at New York. During this period I have verified the deep difference between Italian and American didactics. At NY University, during each lessons it has been explained different and, more important, real industrial companies. These companies could be a cranberry company or a state-owned company, therefore several examples. The professor started from these real examples to teach economy rules. At the opposite, when I took the Economy class during my study program, I have studied just only general and theoretical rules of Economy without focusing on more practical problems. I think that best condition is to assimilate both ways to study a problem and this speech is more relevant for engineering classes. For this reason I would like to enrol at D. University.
The second key point is the possibility to take part in Space System Engineering Projects. I have been studying many different steps about a space mission so far. I've studied structural problems, propulsion, analysis and orbital mechanics etc... Unlucky if all these studies don't converge in a real and concrete project these remain incomplete and it is impossible to understand why we do specific choices. Another time, just only a small proof of different education, I have had when I took class of Prof. F. of Brown University at University of Rome. I did a group work in which I drew a satellite design after that I had studied the preliminary step of a space project. We also studied many different real mission.
This kind of didactics is important for one more reason. I would like to have a quite typical experience to enrich my curriculum. I can only imagine how much is strong the competition in so specific and technical field but I think that this competition is necessary to assure an effective collaboration. On this direction and for everything that I have been saying above, is fundamental the internship that the D. University offers and it has conditioned and strengthened my choice.
What about the MSc thesis topics How my experiences can show I'm interested to combine the managerial aspects with technical knowledges. I would like to study intensely how to organize and to manage a space mission. The preliminary step are the basics of the mission. It is a sector that every time is evolving and it is connected with technological supply. I would like to learn how to decide what is necessary and what unnecessary, how to optimize cost budget, how to foresee all the consequences of a choices. Yes, I think that it is really interesting. In fact for me it will important to have a challenging job and I don't think that it will be a problem.
Another topic that interest me concerns the study of space environment and the effects that it causes. We have been observing open space since was started Space Age, and what is so particular in my opinion is trying to go past the limits in a so hard and extreme environment. The idea that we'll can operate and work in this environment is fascinating and surprising, but it needs to exploit completely each resort that is on hand. This is simply what should do each engineer.
Both topics that I have been inserting above are inevitably connected with science of new high-tech materials. It is essential to use materials adapt to resist and to guarantee a high reliability in extreme conditions and, at the same time, adapt to decrease production and operating costs. What is for me really interesting is that every time I could work with different technology and I could study and test something of new, that nobody has seen before; I could apply and experiment with a lot of typical applications and my work would be essential to attain and to achieve new goals. It is necessary to study but also to learn a different way of thinking, and I think that D. University could learn what I'm searching for.
Following these guidelines I had decided the topic of my Bachelor degree thesis. The title is: “Thermoplastic Materials for Aerospace Applications”. I divided my work in 3 different sections.
The first is focused on observing and studying of space environment. I have analysed Mechanical, Thermal, Chemical and Radioactive Environment and the effects that each environment involves on materials. What is really interesting is to observe and to ascertain how all these different kind of environment work together, submitting the structures and the materials on incredible strains;
The second section examines more common and utilized thermoplastic materials in space applications distinguishing negative and positive aspects about each materials.
Last section underlines the radioactive environment and the damages that it produces. I've taken in consideration many different tests and experiments that NASA and ESA have been doing for many years. For example I've studied the Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE), or the Hubble Space Telescope mission. I've observed how radioactive environment modifies mechanical and chemical characteristics. I have collected informations and studied many reports from NASA tests on polymers, like Kapton and Teflon, which had been exposing at space environment also for 5 years. At laboratory I have exposed few materials at ultraviolet rays, and I've studied the changes on mechanical faculties, like tensile strength, ultimate elongation, weight loss etc...
With this work I've obtained 11 credits and the grades that professor allotted me is 90/100.

In conclusion I hope that my words are suitable to show how much I would like to study at D. University. I think that what I need I could find at this University. Only few University allow, and D. University is one of these, to become an international student in the meaning that I'll able to enrich and to compare my experiences and my knowledges with whoever.
I think that it is one of the best qualities that a professional should have.
In addition, but not less important, I hope to become a member of this University to try all the experiences that are so far and different than “Italian student life”.