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    Wink Is it necessary to put all these words here?

    All goods and equipment, now owned or hereafter acquired, including, without limitation, all machinery, fixtures, vehicles (including motor vehicles and trailers), and any interest in any of the foregoing, and all attachments, accessories, accessions, replacements, substitutions, additions, and improvements to any of the foregoing, wherever located.
    Dear teachers:

    The drafter has put a lot of words here, which have similiar meanings. I'm quite curious as to whether these words are really different from each other in meaning. Take replacements and substitutions for example. Do they not both mean the same kind of things? Or is this as simple as the drafter would put every related word he could think of here, if, by doing this, he could minimize the risk beared.

    Many thanks.

    PS:I am not asking anyone here to explain the meanings ot these words and only interested in the reason behind such a long list of words.

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    Re: Is it necessary to put all these words here?

    ***neither a teacher nor a native speaker***

    I think the writer, due to any legal liability, is counting every possible items in detail. And it is understood from the text that the possible readers are aware (or assumed to be aware) of every terms mentioned here. So, I don't think that there would be any repetitions or redundant statements in the text.

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    Re: Is it necessary to put all these words here?

    Not a teacher.
    I would agree that the writer is trying to ‘cover every angle’ and that I feel in some parts of the text, certain words could be removed as they are included in other words. For example I don’t believe the writer needs to specifically state ‘motor vehicles’ when ‘vehicles’ is also mentioned (it is common sense to assume when the writer states vehicles, motor vehicles would be obviously included in this category). I believe attachments, accessories, replacements, substitutions, etc may have to be individually stated to cover different classifications of parts. For example an aerial on a car could be considered an attachment, alloy wheels could be classified as accessories, new wiper blades could be considered replacements. These parts could also fall under different categories depending on what the user/manufacturer believes so it is best to cover all options to remove any ambiguity and prevent any excuses. E.g. If a car insurance company stated your premium would increase if your car is modified but the car owner might not declare it as they classify it as an accessory you can see where problems may occur. I guess it is a legal thing but I have no knowledge of law I’m afraid.

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