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    Talking how to use "how much" n "how many" ?

    can anybody explain how to use "how much" n "how many"?
    give me some example,please? thanks

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    Re: how to use "how much" n "how many" ?

    Quote Originally Posted by areev View Post
    Can anybody explain how to use "how much" and "how many"?
    Give me some examples, please. That is not a question. Use a period, not a question mark.


    1) "how much" is used with noncountable nouns.

    How much planning will it take?
    I don't know how much rain fell. "planning" and "rain" are not countable.

    2) "how many" is used with countable nouns.

    How many meetings will it take?
    I don't know how many centimeters of rain fell. "examples", "meetings", and "centimeters" are countable.

    Don't be lazy! If you want people to spend time helping you, you should take the time to write correct English.
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