This is a paragraph detailing my English knowledge from various Universities.

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As you will see from my study records, during my time at the National University of Management (200-2004) Business English was one of the core subjects taken in my four-year time. This subject was included in the curriculum of my bachelor program from the first year to the third year.

In 2005, after my graduation, English was still my favorite. I enhanced my English knowledge by taking diploma degree, an advanced English program to prepare students for academic studies, from Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC). My overall score of this program was 93.63% (Grade A).

In 2006, to advance my English, I became the freshman at the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL). I attended the Bachelor of Art in English, which most of the subject were instructed in English though there were some subjects done in Khmer Language.

After the completion of my foundation year at IFL, I pursued the second year of my bachelor program in English at Build Bright University (Battambang Branch). My academic transcript was recorded very good and excellent and I was the top student in the class.

Last year, prior to taking IELTS Test, I had already completed the Level 12B from Australian Center for Development (ACD), in which this program requires a student with advanced English Language level.