The following paragraph is my respon the a question in the scholarship application form.

Any body kindly edit my paragraph. (Scholarship Purpose, Public Adminstration)
Question, What work do you expect to be doing upon your return to your country after study?

If there is a possibility for me to be awarded Name of Sholarsip, I could be able to advance my knowledge in law, politics and public administration and also develop my career in public sector. After the completion of my study, I will pursue my career as a government official in order to contribute to the Cambodian development. I, as a civil servant of the Royal Government of Cambodia, I am determined to effectively use the knowledge, skill and experience I gain from ............ University to achieve what is set by provincial leaders as well as the Royal Government. I will work hand in hand with my colleagues, communal, district, municipal and provincial leaders, line departments, agencies and other stakeholders to enhance the transparency and effectiveness of delivery the public service. Furthermore, I hope that I will be given greater opportunity to work collaboratively with my own government and the international community to deal with the issues of gender inequality, corruption, child abuse, poverty, domestic violence, freedom of expression, human rights and democracy.
In the future, I am confident that this schalarship will offer me a variety of opportunities in career development. I strongly believe that I will be a competent government official and be highly valued by the Royal Government so that I have opportunity to take the advantage of my professional education to develop my own nation and to make my country a better place to live in.