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The article:

  Team-killing is not only a phenomenon happened in the world of FPS games. It is, in fact, everywhere in our reality world.

  Such statment was proven by a new recruit in the Chinese PLA while he was given training in use of hand grenade. That was always supposed to be safe training in which the soilder needed only to throw a grenade from a blockhouse and the process was all under a trainer's supervision.

  However, in this time, the new recruit was too nervous and a bit run out of luck. He threw the grenade from a wrong angle that the grenade badly hit the wall of the blockhouse and rebound back to his side.

  While the whole thing was too sudden for the recruit to react; the trainer was swifly pulled the recruit back behind a solid concrete wall and bended over him on the floor. Miraculously, no one was injured in the accident.

  "My mind just went blank, except that I thought 'It's over.' " The new recruit said, when being asked about his "almost success in team-killing" .

  Yet, on the other hand, the life-saving trainer spoke of the accident in a much calm way as if it was his daily job: "As a trainer, I must watch out for everything while the new recruit throwing a grenade. "

  Perhaps the new recruit should at least treat his life savior a meal as the pay back.


And the article is all base on a current news.

I post a link here. It may help if you don't understand what I am talking about: