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    please check my essay. if any mistakes occur please let me know thank you.

    topic: some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local custom and behavior. other disagree and think that the host counties should welcome cultural differences.

    discuss both these view and give your own opinion.

    Nowadays a lot of people are moving to other countries. One of the reasons is to find a better life. However people have their own cultures so they will bring some of their cultures where ever they go. Some of host countries want that overseas people follow their culture and their behavior but also some countries are welcoming those culture in the other way.

    I agree that overseas people has to follow local custom and behavior. In order to live with other people who has different cultures, we have to adapt with their cultures first. For example to live in Australia we have to speak English because English is the national language of Australia.By bringing our own culture will enrich the cultures from host countries. For example most of people who live and stay in Australia are come from all around the world and Australia is welcoming those new cultures. That is why Australia known as a multicultural country

    Commonly in every countries do not only have good cultures but also have negative cultures on the other way. We have to aware about these negative cultures. For example drinking alcohol in Australia, will cause at least 5 Australians has an accident and being taken care in hospital in a average week. Those accidents are normally happened from consuming too much alcohol (can i put " which lead to negative behavior"?) and/or drive drinking. This is one of the negative cultures that we should not follow when we are in other countries and also should not welcome when this culture is coming to our countries.

    While we are learning about these local and new customs we have to know which cultures are positives and which are not. I strongly agree that we have to follow local custom and behavior in order to live and socialize with local people. Every countries do not only have positive cultures but also have some of negative cultures

    In conclusion we only follow the positive customs and behaviors from host countries. And from host countries also have to welcome the positive customs and cultures from other countries.
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