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    A "stolen" thread

    Yesterday I inadvertently 'stole' Abusaad's post entitled 'at or on'. My reply to it wasn't actually an answer to his question, but an expression of even more doubts on the same topic. Anyway, it caused the question to pass unnoticed.

    So, below is the original post (by Abusaad), and my 'reply' to it:

    Abusaad wrote:

    I often come across sentences like this:

    The Company manages over Rs.14.138 billion as at 31st March, 2005

    In my opinion, the correct sentence would be:

    The Company manages over Rs.14.138 billion as on 31st March, 2005

    Please confirm, if I am right?


    TeeKay wrote:

    I often ask myself a similar question. To confuse you even more, I'll add another possibility (taken from a company balance sheet):

    Balance of Assets / Liabilities of the Joint-Stock Company X as of
    31 DEC. 2004.

    As you can see, the context is very similar (the expression in question refers to a particular date).

    Looks like you and I need to wait for a native speaker to disperse our doubts...


    I do apologise to the original poster and, Dear Teachers, please share your opinions on the above with us. Thank you.


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    Re: A "stolen" thread

    as of - 57.7 million
    as at - 6.87 million
    as on - 9.91 million

    Other uses are covered, but all include dates and finances, so it would seem that they are all possible.

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