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    revising of a few sentences 11

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to revise the following sentences?

    The Conference is scheduled o take place in August.

    The author was destined to be disappointed.

    Lack of oxygen is credited to make people lose health.

    Reactions 2a may be written as proceeding by the following mechanism.

    written = of or relating to representation by means of writing

    The reaction was feared to take a different course.

    It is to be feared that = there is the danger that

    This method, previously mentioned as affording good result, is widely used.

    Each corner is understood to be the location of a carbon atom.

    They acknowledged the reaction to be exothermic.

    Carcinogens may be defined as being chemical and physical agents.

    The angle V between the acute disectix and either optic axis was measured to be 1,3 for bulk crystal speciment B.

    The missile to be analysed is idealized as a long beam like structure that ha a finite number of lumped masses, mass moments of inertia, flexural stiffnesses over a short interval of length .

    While we have been talking of the surface of a solid catalyst as the site of the catalytic reactions, it is by no means clear that such is always the case.

    Inelastic collisions between atoms may be categorized as involving ionization of electrons, rearrangement of electrons, or electronic transitions.

    Thank you for your efforts.


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