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    get shafted / the shaft

    I'd like to know the british english equivalent of "to get shafted" or "to get the shaft" meaning to be treated unfairly. Is there a similar idiomatic expression in british english?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: get shafted / the shaft

    I’m not a teacher.


    get the hook/get the boot/get the bounce/get the can/get the sack/get the ax/ = be discharged or fired, expelled, or rejected

    He got the ax at the end of the first week.

    The manager was stunned when he got the boot himself.

    We got the bounce in the first quarter.

    Bill finally gave his brother-in-law the sack.

    Are they giving Ruth the ax?



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    Re: get shafted / the shaft

    We say 'get shafted' in British English too.


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