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    Cool nice speaking or nice to speak

    1-could you please correct this :

    * nice speaking with you .
    * nice to speak to you .
    * nice to speak with you.

    2-can we replace (speaking) with other activities such as playing , shopping ,etc.

    3- how can we pronunciate (speaking) . can we say (speaken)

    4-also (stop talking)>can we say (talken)

    5-number 1 are those sentences used in formal or informal way

    6-i want to know some words or phrases we use in the end of letter

    yourfaithfull ,

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    Re: nice speaking or nice to speak

    1- You could use any of them, though I'd be more likely to use the gerund.
    2- Yes
    3- Some people do that, though many don't like it, or say they don't. In connected speech, it often gets compressed into that sound, in BrE at least.
    4- Possibly, but you might want a bit of clarity if you're using that as an order.
    5- Fairly informal. Fprmally I'd use a full sentence: It's been a pleasure sp[eaking to you.
    6- Could you be a bit more specific? Yours sincerely/ faithfully, or what comes before them?

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