Dear teachers,

Would you be kind enough to share with me your appreciated opininion concerning the following sentences?

Granny raised her voice above the television.

Seeing Dr. Lorimer’s blank expression, she raised her voice. Heaven knew how def the old thing was!

The bar was crammed with men accompanied here and there by handsomely dressed women, the air was thick with smoke, everyone was talking at the top of their voices.

He had a big dark voice that filled the spaces of concert halls and made the glass sticks of the chandeliers shudder.

They were talking in whispers.

Anthony deopped his voice to a piercing whisper.

They talked in the hushed voices that Miriam had taught them to use in shops.

Joy would hear her mother call. “Come on in”, and then they woul talk for a while in low voices that were indistinguishable in the bathroom.

Her voice was too low for me to hear what she said.

His voice was rough, and there was, faintly, the odor of whiskey on her breath.

She collected herself, and spoke to me with exaggerated firmness.

He spoke without inhibition.

He spoke lightly, but with immense confidence.

His tone was hushed but not at all sleepy.

His tone was clear and final.

Her voice was firm and decided.

Her voice sounded high and gentle.

Thank you for your efforts.