Dear teachers,

Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

But here at the front, where things had a way of coming to the surface, the other officers sensed something they never put into words.

put into words = express verbally

Each concluded that maybe there was a point unsettled between the two.

unsettled = not determined or resolved

The weather is unsettled.

unsettle = unsteady

Steel prices remained unsettled during the past years.

There are many unsettled debts that are many years old.

The ugly duckling has grown into a beautiful swan.

grow into = develop so as to become

Children grow up and we grow down.

grow up = become an adult

grow down = trickle; decline, decrease, diminish

At the beginning this book is just amusing but soon it grows upon you so.

grow upon = grow on = to become gradually more pleasurable or acceptable to

He decided to grow a beard to look more impressive.

grow = to allow (something) to develop or increase by a natural process

The boy grew out of his clothes and looked like a scarecrow among his class-mates.

grow out of = to develop or come into existence from

They say that one grows to like what one is accustomed to.

I hope that with the age he’ll grow out of that bad habit of biting his nails.

grow out of = lose interest as you grow older or become more mature

The idea for the film grew out of an accident that happened to the director.

His strange likes and dislikes have grown out of his old-fashioned upbringing.

grow out of = result or develop from

The garden behind the cottage grew over with weeds.

grow over = grow beyond or across

Thank you for your efforts.