Dear teachers,

Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am right with my interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following sentences?

After poring over data collected from nearly 5,000 people, the researchers concluded that loneliness is more than just a personal feeling, it's. an infectious mental condition.

The artist pored over every drawing, trying to guess who drew each one.

pore = direct one's attention on something; to look or gaze steadily in reading or studying; to fix the attention; to be absorbed

After poring (up) on the matter for some days, he was able to reach a decision.

reach a decision = to make a decision; decide

The study's authors suggest this may be down to the way lonely people behave.

down to = for

Jimmy is very lucky; I wish some of his luck would rub off on me.

rub off on = to pass to someone near as if by touching

This much may seem obvious, but the study also hints that this behaviour can rub off on other people, painting a rather bleak picture of lonely people driving each other into ever greater isolation.

rub off on = become transferred to another, influence through close contact

painting a rather bleak picture = painting a rather moody picture

Thank you for your efforts.