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    How to contact..

    Hello, I have a little problem. I am a Canadian citizen but in 2006 I moved to Europe to a country that doesn't speak English. Since I have no one who I can talk to in English I kind of started forgetting it. And I need your help.. I am planning to move back to Canada after I finish highschool (right now I'm grade 11) and I would like to sign the U of T, my average is over 90%, I took business classes... so I'm interested in economics. So I'm planning to contact the staff members but I'm not really sure how to write them. I just want to ask them a few questions such as: "What are the requirements?", "Do I need to take any tests?"...
    I hope you guys understood my question. Thanks in advance.

    here's my email: [email protected]

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    Re: How to contact..

    I am sure the answers to the questions you are asking can be found in the university's website.

    Is that University of Toronto?

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    Re: How to contact..

    Yep, it's the University of Toronto. I contacted them and they replied. :)
    Thanks anyways.

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