Hi guys, I am new in this Forum, but I read already many of your threads about Letter of motivation and the were quite usefull, so thanks already.
I would also submit my letter of motivation to the NHH university (Norway),
hoping that someone will be able to give me some tip!
The letter should be just one page, so I must cut something off..but I dunno what!
So please help me... :)
This is the Mater course I am applying for: "Mater of Science in Business Administration - Energy, Natural resources and the Environment"

here is the letter:

To whom it may concern,

I would like to express my desire to study at the Norges Handelsh°yskole during the autumn semester of 2010 and to explicit my great interest in applying for the Master's Program in in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment.
I am an Italian undergraduate student with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at University of Palermo. I feel very motivated for obtaining this degree and I believe my strong academic background in Business Administration combined with my work experience will fulfill your requirements. In the year 2009 I embraced the opportunity to do an internship in a TQM Consulting Group. During this period, I have been involved in a Bachelor's thesis project which allowed me to deepen academic matters such as ethics, corporate social responsibility and has increased my interest, my knowledge and my analytical skills in the field of Business Sustainability and Environmental Governance Systems. I enjoy change and am able to assimilate quickly into new places and I adapt to people easily. Thus, while studying for my three years Business Administration degree I took the opportunity to study one year abroad as an Erasmus student, experience that formed good knowledge in how to face an international and multicultural environment and that provided me both fluent speaking and writing skills in English and Spanish.
My career aspirations after graduating are to obtain employment as an Innovation manager with a multinational corporation or with a government agency in Europe in the field of renewable energy and natural resources management. Studying in Norway will further strengthen my ability and flexibility to adapt, tolerate and deal with other cultures as well as aid me in dealing with foreign affairs in the future. Additionally, living in this country will facilitate my future integration into any organization and permit for easier communication as well as give me the confidence to work with people of diverse backgrounds. The more international exposure I have forces me to look at situations from different perspectives with an objective and unbiased point of view and this will help me be a successful professional in this global economy.
Managing Energy and natural resources is a field that always fascinates me and I believe that this Master Program will contribute to the evolution of my career as it suits perfectly with my future goals. It also would allow me to develop my skills in energy and natural resource markets analysis and understanding, providing me the ability to evaluate environmental impact of business and natural resource value chain. From my studies at NHH I expect to gain knowledge on the Norwegian way of working and I am sure that studying the courses included in this Master Program will let me better understand how to take strategic decisions and how to provide competitive responses to energy and natural resource markets.
I believe that a background in Business Administration and a strong motivation to pursue an International carrier in the field of Energy and Natural Resources Management make me a strong candidate for your Master Program. I am looking forward to the opportunity to study at NHH at Bergen and immerse myself in my studies and the Norwegian culture and language thereby increasing my cultural awareness. My time spent in The Netherlands will bring enduring transformations in all aspects of my life that will assist me in attaining my academic, personal and career goals in the global arena.