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    New Goal

    Since my enrollment in high school, I realized that algebra, geometry, calculus and even physics are ways in which math connects us to our world and provides us with rigorous training in quantitative analysis and problem solving skills. Over the years, this acquired intellectual spectrum of mathematical concepts has pushed me to develop an obsession for math. Although I did not realize it at the time, this unrelenting passion had developed into an interest in economics while performing community service, a passion that confirmed my true academic love.
    My leadership within my community has furthered my interest in economics. My volunteer experience in the Momentum Aids Project as a server was a phenomenon. Working there I realized the need to contribute to the solving of some of the most striking problems today, like the imbalance between poverty and wealthiness, and between developing countries and developed countries. The idea that humanity should concentrate on solving these issues, so that nobody would feel exiled due to scarcity, became my aim.
    The idea that I loved to contribute to such a program with such passion led me to take an AP Microeconomics course. Butbetween working in a soup kitchen and struggling to understand the language of microeconomics, I began to feel hopeless. Comparing substitutes to complements, weighing opportunity costs to benefits helped me to maximize efficiency as I habitually purchased items. Weighing food consumption, prices, and expenditures became a part of my everyday life, concepts I applied while working in the food kitchen.
    I aspire to go to a college that has a strong economics program so that I can become part of the economics society and engage in lively debates with fellow scholars about international affairs, social entrepreneurship presentations, and discussions on the global economy. I believe that my metamorphosis will continue to take place in college, molding me into a well-versed economist, who is ready for the challenges of our ever changing global economy.
    Not only do I see myself as an economist in my future, but I see community service as the key element to my future. I personally believe that each person should leave this world a better place than the one they found. Community service has held a huge part of my life already. Every time I am reminded of the soup kitchen, I remember the wonderful people I worked with and how I want to dedicate my life to the cause of humanity. The idea that society has limitless potential, but has few to nurture that promise, upsets me, I want to be one who makes a difference. With my degree I hope to join a non-profit organization and give back to my community, starting with my home neighborhood, East Harlem. From there I hope to improve the college preparedness and four-year college graduation rates of low-income high school students, especially those from ethnic and racial groups that are underrepresented in higher education.

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    Re: New Goal

    What is your language question?

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