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    Re: exam questions

    True, true. Especially if the exam is based on prescribed, or traditional grammar. Grammar, with a capital "G", has a system of rules and regulations, or codes, and speakers are forever changing those codes as a way of making speech more efficient, so there always will be a difference between Grammar and usage. For example, "me" is an object pronoun, but speakers will often use it as a subject pronoun,

    Grammar: It is I. ('I' is a subject pronoun)
    Usage: It is me. ('me' is an object pronoun)

    Since "me" comes after the verb elsewhere in the grammar, speakers carry that rule on over to structures like copular X = Y (It is I), where Y takes a subject pronoun. The new rule, changing "I" to "me", creates an incorrect form, but speakers do it because it's more efficient to remember one rule instead of two rules.

    Usage: One rule, use "me" after the verb.
    Grammar: Two rules, use "me" after the verb, except after a linking verb. In that case, use "I".

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: exam questions

    4. That was not the first time he __C_ us. I think it's high time we ____ strong actions against him.
    A. betrayed...take B. had betrayed...took
    C. has betrayed...took D. has betrayed...take

    Sorry for goofing up on #4. I thought it said: "That's not the first time"...
    Since the sentence is in Past Tense, it needs "had betrayed" instead. Sorry about that.

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