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    can you check some error for my speech"Vietnamese young women in Korean bride market"

    Topic: Vietnamese young women in Korean bride market.

    In recently years, the rate of Vietnamese young women marry the Korean is increasing now especially the man choose and married the girl by money not by love. Today I will tell you some cause and effect about this issue.

    It is little people marry for the love; the rest that accept to marry is for money. To get married to Korean men, the some Vietnamese women went to place for a ‘selection’ by an illegal match-making network. Almost they have low level of education, live in rural areas want to out of poverty. So they accept to become a mail-order bride gives young women in impoverished countries the opportunity to have a better life while supporting their family back home. In most cases, these young women send food, money, and clothing to their families back home. From the delta in Vietnam's south to small rural towns in the north, a growing number of young Vietnamese women are marrying foreigners, mostly from Taiwan and South Korea. They seek material comfort and, most important, a way to save their parents from destitution in old age, which many Vietnamese consider their greatest duty With money from foreign sons-in-law, many residents who has family member marrying foreigner have replaced their thatch-roof shacks with brick homes. They have also opened small restaurants and shops, creating jobs in a place where people have traditionally earned pennies a day picking rice and other crops in the blistering sun. Each marriage earn from 1000$ to 3000$. That is not large for us but for residents who live in urban areas, this amount is really big.

    But are all Vietnamese brides actually having a good life in Korean?
    That Marriage does not come from love always leads to problems. If lucky, a few people may have a good life. Almost brides have a miserable life. The large part of Korean enjoy bride market is people who have low income such as farmers, workers. When marrying the bride to their country. They live in countryside and wife also does in rice field or workers in factory like in Vietnam.
    Or some brides receive serious consequence for non-love marriage. They are behaved really badly, suffer domestic violence. The pitiful death of 21 year old girl is an example of strange marriage.The bride, named Tran Thi Thu An. Two years ago, as she was beautiful, the girl was immediately chosen and married quickly to Korean. Husband is only leave 300$ for wife family. After that, tragedy came to the young girl. She was confined in house, beaten and became sex slave that had to ‘serve’ her husband all night. She can not suffer any more and. at last, she decide jump out balcony to escape. But the husband incidentally find out and beaten her and he lock the doors and cut contact with outside. Everyday of her is torture. She live is more wretches than die. Finally, she chooses suicide for escaping. Or in other girls’s cases. Like Hoang Mai, who also a Vietnamese bride was marry to Korean for hoping to change life. Unfortunately, her husband is slave trader. He bought Mai for prostituting and she was bartered to a lot of other traders. At last, she finds freedom by the death- the death for HIV.
    Two instances just give us a part among them. The Vietnamese young women that take part in bride market for changing to have a good life sometime gain bad consequence for their life.

    In conclusion, for some cause and effect that I talk above, this is alert ring for young people who want to have a lot of money, a better life hastily. Society should to more concern about poor people- especially the girl, improve their life, and enhance their education. That practice will make us avoid mistake or going to wrong way in their life.

    - please help me to check the error and give me some advice about my speech.

    -I do not know how to introduce interesting with this topic. can you me me some advice? because tomorrow, i have to give this speech at final exam.

    thank very much for your concerning.

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    Re: can you check some error for my speech"Vietnamese young women in Korean bride mar

    hix. no one help me...

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    Re: can you check some error for my speech"Vietnamese young women in Korean bride mar

    I can tell you that the part that you copied directly from other sources stands out with blazing clarity and your plagiarism won't go unnoticed.
    I'm not a teacher, but I write for a living. Please don't ask me about 2nd conditionals, but I'm a safe bet for what reads well in (American) English.

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