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    checking of a few sentences 3

    Dear teacher,

    Would you be kind enough to check out the plausibility of the following sentences?

    It’s raining hard. We can’t go out.
    If it were not raining so hard, we could go out.

    I have no dictionary. I shan’t finish the translation today.
    If I had a dictionary, I should finish the translation today.

    The goal-keeper was hurt early in the game. The team lost.
    If the goal-keeper had not been hurt early in the game, the team would not have lost.

    She thought of her figure and refused a second helping of pie.
    If she had not thought of her figure, she would not have refused.

    The sun came out at last, and we began to enjoy ourselves.
    If the sun had not come out, we should not have begun to enjoy ourselves.

    He was deep in his thoughts and did not notice the “no parking” sign.
    If he had not been deep in his thoughts, he would have noticed the “no parking” sign.

    Thank you for your efforts.


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    Re: checking of a few sentences 3

    Great job. Everything is fine.

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