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    Introducing a vague request for information

    Hi All
    Sometimes I start a sentence saying "Just for information...".
    Is this correct?

    I use also to begin a sentence with ""Maybe you can help me a bit...", but I would like to know something more about this specific way of introducing a sentence.

    Sometimes I also tend to use ""Just for my information..." or "For my information..."

    "Just for information, do you know which book should we read at home for next week?"

    Thanks all

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    Re: Introducing a vague request for information

    I have never heard or seen "just for my information" used.

    That phrase is usually used to give info to another person:

    Just for your information, use the back door when entering the building.

    Just for your information, they are no longer dating.

    You might try;

    Just so I'm clear, what is the assignment in math?

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