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    An English book for native speakers????????????

    Help needed from an expert here please.

    I have rifled through an excellent book shop this week to find a grammar help book, specifically aimed at native speakers returning to study and for brushing up etc. But most are for students who are learning as a second language.

    I have already purchased 'English Grammar for the Utterly Confused' -by Laurie Rozakis. It appeared clear and concise in the shop but after 2 weeks with the book I realise its lack of exercises is preventing me from drumming the usual grammar rules into ones grey matter!

    I have 3 months left until I start my TEFL course and I am starting to get a little panicky. Can someone please recommend something!!!!

    I also have just started with a tutor an hour a week and he suggest I just keep copying passages from fiction etc until I have a greater fluency of the 8 speech headings and then worry about all the different verb/adjective and other categories of each, and everything grammar related after, or I'll just get totally bogged down and take nothing in!!!!

    Any help/advice or book recommendations with a heavy exercise bias that would fit the bill, gratefully appreciated. :?


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    Re: An English book for native speakers????????????

    Apologies for the guest post, thought I was logged in!!!!


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    I like Michael Swan's Practical English Usage.

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