Following letter is to ask investment and cooperation on the educational benchmarking project from company we work with. Please help to write direct, coherent and correct letter.

Dear X
As I mentioned earlier we are collecting information for introducing X’s English Language Learning method which based on deep experience with international standard, approach, curriculum, method, syllabuses with textbooks, class resources, learning environment, teacher training and retraining, informal education, distance learning to X education sector.
To do so we are doing following steps
To compare X’s English language levels with Council of Europe, Cambridge and other international organizations’
Based on above information to offer textbooks based on international common level, approach to all who are supposed to learn English including primary, secondary, upper secondary schools, colleges, universities, unofficial education, public sector workers etc
These things are reflected X National English language program which are in accomplishment task. Also prime minister of X recently made agreement with European Council to introduce Common European standards in X. From that point we are making project to correspond X’s standard with government policy over English language learning and preparing to introduce our project to Ministry of Education which is main organization of government’s education sector.
Thus x’s sales in X will increase significantly and will get opportunity to succeed X education sector. On the other hand X will have pleasant situation to work stably on Central Asia’s market.
Nowadays Ministry of Education working to introduce Cambridge’s syllabus as an experiment. We have also great opportunity to work actively in that situation.
If you support our project and investing by send us experienced people, opening official office we are certain that this action will succeed.
We are sending information about number of Mongolian primary and secondary school students and survey of today’s English education in X and, official document of National English language program. We hope that you will work with us.
Best Regards
I will be glad for your help.