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    what is the difference?

    He wasn't angry at all.

    He wasn't angry after all.

    Both are possible?

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    Re: what is the difference?

    Yes, both are possible.

    With the first, he wasn't even a little angry. He was not angry at all.

    With the second, you thought he was angry, but you have found out that he was not.

    A: How did your dad react when you told him about your C in math?
    B: He wasn't angry at all! He said he struggled with math and he's seen me work hard, so he knows I did the best I could.

    A: What was wrong with Mark last night? He looks so mad!
    B: I know! I thought so too. But I talked to him and it turns out he'd just been to the dentist and he was still numb. He wasn't angry after all.
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    Re: what is the difference?

    Thank you!
    it's a very clear explanation.

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