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Thread: mushy fruit

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    mushy fruit

    Hello, teachers:
    I came across a term "mushy".
    My source says "Vegetables and fruit that are mushy are soft and have lost most of ehir shape."

    I am wondering if it can be collocate with any fruit as long as it becomes soft ,wet, and unpleasant.
    Such as mushy watermelon/pear/apple/orange ,etc
    May I have your confirmation?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: mushy fruit

    The fruits you mentioned (watermelons, apples, oranges, etc) have a "crisp" or firm sort of texture when they're fresh. But, as you mentioned, when they're over-ripe and not very palatable, we can correctly describe them as "mushy" in texture.

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    Re: mushy fruit

    In the UK, the word "mushy" generally refers only to the texture when applied to foods. It has a neutral connotation as regards to palatability.

    I have only ever encountered it in describing vegetables, mushy peas in particular, but never fruit.

    Baby food, especially the home-made stuff done in a food processor is mushy in texture. A baby self-help book would tell you to "wiz it (boiled or steamed carrots/broccoli/parsnips/pumpkin/courgette etc) until it becomes mushy" before feeding it to your baby.

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