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    speaking english


    i just become a registered member i would like to know how to speak english fluently in a short period of time.

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    Re: speaking english

    Then it depends what is a "short period of time" for you and what is "fluent" for you. And what is a good method for someone may not be a good method for you... But being immersed in the language is definitely a great plus.

    The way I learned English was simply by trying to think in English instead of French (my native language). Whenever I didn't know how to say a word, I'd look it up. I'd also watch movies and TV shows in English. And I'd have many many, many penpals. It was the most important I think, having penpals. Because language is about communication after all.

    I wouldn't say it was the fastest way, but unless you really have a gift for it, you can't learn a language fast. Being able to communicate fairly well in a foreign language without requiring the help of a dictionary takes at least one year.
    You need to practice a lot before you actually achieve fluency, that is, being able to express yourself in a way that people think it is your native language.

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    Re: speaking english

    Quote Originally Posted by tranglich View Post
    You need to practice a lot before you actually achieve fluency, that is, being able to express yourself in a way that people think it is your native language.

    Nice definition of fluency !

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    Re: speaking english

    Quote Originally Posted by Gillnetter View Post
    The best method is total immersion. Total immersion, in this context, means that you put yourself in a situation where the only language you hear or are allowed to speak is English. Many countries have host families where you pay to stay with a family while attending classes in the target language - English is this case. When you are in class, the only language you hear or speak is English. When you go back to where you are staying (the host family), you only hear and speak in English. Short of this method, you can watch English speaking television shows, listen to English speaking radio shows, or, listen to the English language on the Internet.
    I did the total immersion and this is the best.
    He is totally right.

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    Re: speaking english

    I recommand u try to listen and listen

    learn how the words utter. surrond yourself in English

    If u can travell do it don't miss out any opportunity to improve u speaking

    Good Luck

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    Re: speaking english

    Quote Originally Posted by anood View Post

    i just become a registered member i would like to know how to speak english fluently in a short period of time.

    Have you ever watch the movie called "The Terminal"? Initially Tom Hanks didn't speak english, he couldn't express himself and no one understood what he wanted and what he said, after a while, he spent his time to read the dictionary and tried to speak english with people, in a short time he can pick up english speaking....that's amazing....This tells you if you, if you would like to improve your english skills, you have to totally immerse yourself in english, don't use your mother language for a period....then your english would be improved immediately....Yes I think it's very hard to do it unless you migrate to the english speaking country....but try your best to speak or think how to use english to express what you see and what you want in every day.

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    Re: speaking english

    One of the most effective speaking exercises is to play word describing and guessing. The describer has a word that the guesser does not know. The describer must not directly use the word but must communicate the word to the guesser so that the guesser can guess the word and say it out loud.

    This can be played at many levels. For beginners you can start with a simple set of visible nouns. I use animals and animal pictures. At this level I usually insist on correct question formation. Eg "Does this animal have a long neck" and not "It has long neck?"

    To practice speaking you need a situtation where communication of information is required. This means that one person needs to know something that he can only discover by speaking to his partner. Check out my Taboo game on EnglishTap - Click the red dice to change the word.

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    Re: speaking english

    you can get it by doing practice & also attending some classes as well

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    Post Re: speaking english

    One can learn English having grammatical knowledge and practice. or by watching English moves or listening English songs. Speaking English with native English speakers helps you to speak with proper native English accent .

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    Re: speaking english

    Hi all,
    I would like to share How To Learn English Very Fast, listen to English and read English.... do not translate.

    1. Never Study A Single English Word
    That’s right, do not memorize words. Native speakers do not learn English by remembering single words. Native speakers learn phrases.

    2. Never Study Grammar
    Right now. Stop. Put away your grammar books and textbooks. Grammar rules teach you to think about English, you want to speak automatically– without thinking!

    3. Learn With Your Ears, Not Your Eyes
    Spend most of your study time listening- that is the key to great speaking.

    4. Slow, Deep Learning Is Best
    Its not enough to know a definition. Its not enough to remember for a test. You must put the word deep into your brain. To speak English easily, you must repeat each lesson many times.

    5. Use Point Of View Mini-Stories
    You must learn grammar by listening to real English. The best way is to listen to the same story… told in different times (points of view): Past, Perfect, Present, Future. How do you do this? Easy! Find a story or article in the present tense. Then ask your native speaker tutor to write it again in the Past, with Perfect tenses, and in the Future. Finally, ask him to read and record these stories for you.

    6. Only Use Real English Lessons & Materials
    How do you learn Real English? It’s easy. Stop using textbooks. Instead, listen only to real English movies, TV shows, audio books, audio articles, stories, and talk radio shows. Use real English materials.

    7. Listen and Answer Mini-Stories (not Listen and Repeat)
    Because the teacher constantly and quickly asks easy questions, you don’t have time to think about grammar. You just immediately shout a couple of words– which teaches you to respond faster, and faster, and faster.

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