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    how to write a letter to UK home office

    i am usman. can u pls help me writing to letter to UK home office. i have been on student status in uk for las 3 years. last year i applied for my PSW visa. it got rejected because of my rolling in my bank account fall below the requres amount for few days. anyhow they gave me the right to appeal in uk court. my appeal went successful and judge gave the decision in my favour that PSW should be granted to me. i got this decision on 25 jan 2010. now i am waiting for home office letter to ask me to send my passport to get the visa stamped on it. more than 2 months have passed. now i want to write home office a letter to pls kindly ask for my passport soon so that i can visit my home country to get married over there.
    pls help me out. ite really very important for me to get my passport back with visa in it. i just want to make a request to uk border agency for this. pls help me out.
    thank you.

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    Re: how to write a letter to UK home office

    This is suspiciouslyy similar to a query received last year. Either there is an assignment being set, or there are too many careless and profligate students failing to keep en eye on their responsibilities.

    If this is a real situation, go and see your college office and ask for their help.

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    Re: how to write a letter to UK home office

    what was the reply u gave to that student? can u paste it here? pls help me. i just want certain outlines of such letter. rest i will do myself. pls help me out...

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    Re: how to write a letter to UK home office

    I told him to go to the college office and discuss his problem. I suspect he did not bother.

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    Re: how to write a letter to UK home office

    Hi Usman,

    i think you can use this folowing format

    To whom it may concern,

    With reference to ------- (you should write the reference number of your visa application, which should be in the confirmation mail you got from the home office). Unfortunately my application for Post study work was rejected due to failure to maintain the required minimum balance in my bank account, but my appeal against the decision was successful and on 25 Jan 2010 judge decided that i should be granted Post study work visa. Since, i have not recieved my passport from home office yet, i would like to enquire about my visa status. could you kindly let me know, when i will recieve my passport. Thank you.

    Yours truly,


    Usman, please add the relevant important details if i have missed any, i understand that you need your passport soon, probably because your family has already fixed your marriage date and i can understand that in asian subcontinent marriage is a big ceremony with complex factors and not able to get there on your marriage date will cause tremendous heart burn to your family and your bride-to-be's family, but i dont think that home office will consider this as an emergency situation, so i think there is no point in mentioning about your marriage, just add the details that is relevant to your psw application and one last word, dont worry too much about grammatical errors or format just write the truth home office will understand.

    To the moderator- most universities (i think all universities) dont guide students with PSW application, University international student advisors guide students with visa procedures only until they finish thier award, students will be given private solicitors number for any assistance after the course completion and obviously most students cant afford to pay private solicitor because most common cause for visa rejection is lack of funds and i dont find anything suspicious about Usman's request, most international students get to these forum through google and they might miss to check previous threads and its obvious that you get repeated requests from international students because they are worried about written communication with home office, they dont want thier visa application to be rejected for not following the proper british letter writing format.

    keep up your good work

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    Re: how to write a letter to UK home office

    I have sent you a Private Message about this.

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