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    Smile Alexander the Great

    Dear Teachers,

    I am writing to ask the following questions.

    Against overwhelming odds, he led his army to victories across the Persian territories of "Asia Minor", Syria and Egypt without incurring a single defeat.
    --What does "Asia Minor" here mean?

    "Overload of Asia Minor" and Pharaoh of Egypt also became Great King of Persia at the age of 25
    --What does "overload of Asia Minor" here mean?
    --What does this sentence mean?

    Over the next eight years, in his "capacity" as king, commander, politician, scholar and explorer, Alexander led his army a further 11,000 miles, founding over 70 cities and creating an empire.
    --What does "capacity" here mean?

    Althought his belief in his own indestructibility meant he was often reckless with his own life and that of thoese he expected to follow him. The fact that his army only refused to do so once, in the 13 years of a reign during which there was constant fighting, indicates the loyalty he inspired.
    --What does this sentence mean?
    --What does "his army only refused to do so once" mean?
    --The loyalty he inspired means what?

    Following his death in 323 BC at the age of only 32, his impire was torn apart in the power struggles of his successor.
    --What does "the power struggles of his successors" here mean literally?
    --Who are the successors?

    Yet Alexander's "mythical status" rapidly reached epic proprtions and inspried individuals as "diverse" as Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Louis XIV and Napoleon
    --What does "mythical status" mean?
    --What des the "diverse" here mean? Could it be different people or followers?

    He continues to be portrayed according to the bias those interpreting his achievements. He is either Alexander the Great or Iskander the Accursed, chivalrous knight or bloody monster, benign multi-culturalist or racist imperialist
    --What does Iskander the Accursed mean?
    --What does benign multi-culturalist mean?
    --What does racist imperialist mean?

    Thank you very much!


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    Re: Alexander the Great

    Asia Minor- Turkey nowadays
    Overload- I think it's 'overlord', meaning ruler
    Capacity = role
    The army only refused to obey him once, which shows the loyalty he commanded= loyalty means that people followed him willingly
    Power succession- after he died, people fought to get his position
    Mythical status- he seems more of a legend than a real human being
    Diverse- very different
    Iskander- name used for him in Asia, where he is unpopular
    Benign multiculturalist- someone who works for the good of people of many ethnic backgrounds
    Racist imperialist- one who rules people of other ethnicity and believes that they are superior and have the right to do this

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