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  1. jordon11

    Smile elaborate on tenses(present or past)

    I am appreciated to your help first. Which one (was/is) best fit the blank in the sentence below?

    For her to have gone through such an ordeal _______ remarkable.

    To me, "is" is better in this context, because of the present perfect "have gone" in the subject.(in this case, it is to-infinitive)

    However, the grammar book uses "was" to fill in the blank, I wonder why. Could you tell me the reason why "was" is used? I know it means differently with "was", but I do not know the difference. Thanks

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    Re: elaborate on tenses(present or past)

    I don't think it depends on 'to have gone'. What matters is whether it is still remarkable now or whether it was remarkable at some point in the past. Without more context, I think both are correct.

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