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Thread: " love to you "

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    " love to you "

    I have recently reconnected with a dear old lady friend who tutored me English when I was a youngster.In a reply to my e-mail and birthday wishes,she wrote " love to you,Mrs blah blah blah " instead of best regards as most people typically end their corresponse.

    My little question is,does it have any significance in English language or it's just a more friendlier phrase.

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    Re: " love to you "

    Many, if not all, teachers maintain a professional distance once you are under their care and would never jeopardise the teacher/student relationship by introducing something that could be misconstrude as something else.

    Yes, it's a friendlier phrase. You are now her friend (perhaps a cherished friend) as opposed to being her student.

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    Re: " love to you "

    "Love to you and yours" is also used.

    It is an affectionate closing, rather personal.

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