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  1. zaya


    In American television programs, such as South Park, the words 'douche' and 'douche bag' are used to describe someone in an un unflattering way.
    I don't get it. A douche is the same thing as a shower, isn't it? What's funny or vulgar about that? And what's a douche bag? Please enlighten me.

  2. zaya

    Re: Douche

    After some more searching i found out the meaning of douche (apparearently it's an object to clean a certain part of female anatomy which isn't civilised to mention, but a very popular subject of pictures on many websites).

    I'll explain my confusion. You see, in Dutch a 'douche' means a shower.

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    Re: Douche

    You're right- we don't use the word to mean shower. Sometimes when we borrow words, we change or narrow the meaning.


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