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    "What you doing?", "How you doing?"

    Hi Everybody,

    In order to improve my english skills, recently I started to watch British & American TV drama series with english subtitles, I always heard the actors said "What you doing?", "How you doing?"....I rewound and listened again, but I still couldn't hear they said it with "are", I was wondering if it is common to use it in spoken english without "are".....If so, could you please give me more examples how they would omit the words in the sentences in spoken english? Thanks.


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    Re: "What you doing?", "How you doing?"

    I frequently hear "How you doin' ?"(Sometimes as "Howdy ?") or "How it's going?" but I'm sure I haven't heard "What you doing?".

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    Re: "What you doing?", "How you doing?"

    AmE.: Howya doin? Howsit goin? Whatsup? Or more recently, Whatup?

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