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    Exclamation Please help me with abstract for M.A. thesis!!!


    I need help with the abstract for my M.A. thesis!

    Iím not so good in English and it is the first time I write an abstract in English. Iím not so sure about my style and grammar. Thank you in advance!!!

    Due to the rapid development in the field of information and communication technologies, mobile tagging appeared on the market. This technology uses two-dimensional barcodes called mobile tags for the connection of objects of the real world with different internet services. This M.A. thesis deals with the fundamentals, functions, fields of application and potentialities of mobile tagging. Therefore an information system for mobile devices is designed and developed on the basis of the mobile tagging technology. As a basis for this thesis, the relevant fundamental terms and concepts of mobile computing and 2D-code technology are introduced briefly, followed by the functions and fields of application of mobile tags. Finally, the developed system is evaluated by users. For the purpose of the evaluation of the potentialities of mobile tagging and the level of its acceptance by the modern society an online survey is conducted. Based on these insights, recommendations are made for further system enhancement.

    many thanks


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    Re: Please help me with abstract for M.A. thesis!!!

    I just want to say that the abstract must next be pared down by eliminating excess language. This requires you to rewrite each sentence in the most direct way possible. But if you finds this process exceptionally difficult, you should consult a friend, peer, or teacher, as it is often easier for third-party revisers to cut down texts than for writers to pare down their own.
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