Do you think the invention of fast food and prepared food benefits society? Use specific details to explain your answer.

Fast food and prepared food has quickly developed in many countries in the world such as United States and England. The number of people now use them has increased and the number of restaurants has raised a lot. In my point of view, since fast food and prepared food was invented, they has positively affected to society because of time, cost saving and wide variety of choices.

First, saving time is one of the most benefits of using fast food and prepared food. In today’s fast-paced life, time has become important for many people from students to officials who have time limit. As a result, they need to buy fast food and prepared food that are ready to eat or easy to cook. Besides, cooking the meal takes them a certain amount of time to finish the meal and get ready to eat. There are added efforts and time consumed in buying the ingredients in store and washing the vegetables. All this makes eating fast food and having prepared food more preferably over cooking a meal for a busy individual.

In additions, cost saving gives fast food more favorable for people than other food prepared at home. If one lives alone, it is much cheaper to buy a meal in the store instead of cooking it at home. Also, some kinds of fast food like fries and burgers come pretty cheap. Their prices are appropriate to most people in developed country. Especially for students who have small amount of money, eating fast food has become popular option.

Moreover, fast food comes in variety of choices. People become enjoying fast food because they can easily decide whatever they want by choosing the proper options on the menu. Also, people do not concern much about health problem because they have many choices that are healthy. Salads, low-fat milk, fruit juices, bread made from wheat bread, for instance, are good for your health. Besides, fat content in fast food in many options are very low such as it is only 2 grams of fat in English muffin.

Fast food and prepared food has now become popular in many countries worldwide because of the advantages it brings to us. Saving time and money is the foremost benefit from using them. Also, it gives a lot of choices that make us more enjoyable. However, I think, we should reduce the dependence of fast food and prepared food to prevent from some negative impacts of using them such as influence of preservatives and creating a lot of garbage.

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