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    please help me

    I am novice in this subject.
    Subject:Should women and men have different jobs?Why?

    Could you check this paragraf?

    Do women and men really equal? Should they have same or different jobs ? Women and men have different characters since the creation of they.These differences appear many fields.One of these is about job. Most of women believe that women can do everything like men, and this situation can be right many time, but it isn’t always.It seems to me that they should have to appropriate to job themselves.In this essay, I will define this issue’s reasons.
    First of all, women are physically more weak than men, therefore they can’t do everything.For instance, if a woman want to work to construction, she can’t work owing to the fact that she doesn’t have physically the skill, and she should orient other fields.Second, if a woman works a place where work a lot of men, she will feel constantly to be under the pressure. This situation cause to frazzle her, thus it can appear plenty of problems,and she can’t enjoy her life.Third, women are a social being than men.Women are foundation of family,hence they should work in family matters job because they have more ability this subject according to men. Men can’t have this skill.As you see, they separate from each other in business.
    In conclusion, women and men had created differently. They separate physically from each other, and they have different skills due to the above is mentioned reasons. They should have different jobs.
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