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Thread: No job around

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    No job around


    (an excerpt from Wolfgang Wagner, The Economist, Mar 31st 2010)

    But Wolfgang was the second son. This meant that responsibility for the treasure of Bayreuth, the shrine built especially for his grandfather’s compositions and the annual festival devoted to them, was bound to devolve to his elder brother Wieland. Everyone applauded Wieland’s “fabulous brilliance” at interpreting the works. Little brother Wolfgang, on the other hand, was straightforward, practical and plodding. He made a chicken run at Wahnfried, selling the eggs to his mother at market prices. He liked the technicalities of sawing and hammering, pounding his own anvil like the thieving dwarf Alberich of “Das Rheingold”, and no job around the Festspielhaus was too humble for him to do.

    Please consider the points below.

    1. After rewriting,
    Every job around the Festspielhaus was important enough for him to do.

    2. the meaning of “around” here.
    concerning, about, related to

    3. Please explain why the author chose a sentence beginning with “no”, which makes it roundabout.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: No job around

    1. I think that your sentence is pretty close to the original but it still loses its nuance and is not exactly the same in my view. The 1st implies that he took on every job, no matter how humble or low-level it was, while in sentence 2 we don't know what job it was like except that he considered it to be important for him. It may or may not be a low-level job; we can't know that.

    2. I don't think it's related to Festspielhaus. It more refers to nearby vicinity, that is not far from, or close to.

    3. I can't explain the author's choice (maybe it just puts an extra emphasis on the 'no'), but you could also say:
    There wasn't any job around F. that was too humble for him to do. Or:
    There was no job around F. that was... Or:
    Any job that was around F. wasn't...

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