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Thread: A useful score

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    A useful score


    That could be a useful score. (OALD)

    Is this an expression used in sports? e.g. as when the player scored XX runs.
    The expression appears in the dictionary under the heading “useful”, giving good; very satisfactory.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: A useful score

    "This could be a useful score" is certainly correct English, in terms of grammar. But when it comes to sports and sports broadcasters, there seems to be a completely different language. Oh, it's still English, but it's filled with slang and words seemingly unrelated to the sport.

    For example, on an episode of Frasier, a professional basketball player was seeking help from Dr. Niles Crane, who was a psychiatrist and medical professional, but who knew absolutely nothing about basketball. When he asked the player what his problem was, the player replied "Every time I get my hands on the pill, I choke." Dr. Crane took his words literally and said "Have you tried crushing the pill with a spoon?" In basketball terms, however, "the pill" is actually the ball, and when he "choked" it meant that he hesitated before making a play, which gave the other team time to move in on him.

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