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Education in Mexico is different from United States. Mexico is different in how students repeat years in the same grade when they fail to pass to the next grade. When I failed to pass to the next grade, for example, which was suppose to be 7th grade, I didnít because my score was under 6.00 and it had to be over 6.00, in order to pass to the next year grade. So, I had to stay another year in the same grade. In contrast, the US doesnít require students to stay in the same grade when they fail a class. They are offered to take summer school in order to pass it. Then it becomes up to the student and the father to decide whether to assist or not. If the student decides to take the failed class and he or she passes it, then they complete the course and become free of having an uncompleted class which could only affect him or her to graduate.

In addition to differences, In US almost every student does not have trouble finishing middle school because the schools have almost the least equipments to educate students. This facilitates them to study and feel positive about schools. This is because the USís economy has been well developed and use. So those students transfer to high schools heading towards higher education easily. On the opposite to this, in Mexico most students have difficult making it through middle school to transfer to high schools which results as a problem when they get to higher education. They have this difficulty because parents need them to work to support the family. Because they donít have enough money and also, school are the same archaic which give them a negative attitude towards education. In this essay I will be talking about an educational problem in Mexico. This problem is the parentís economic status which inhibits students from getting enrolled in higher education.