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    Hi!I have to write a semestre's work about some transaltionj problems. And I woul like to write about cultural difficulties in transaltion process.But I cannot chose the more concrete topic.Maybe transaltion of English traditional food or festivals. I am grom latvia and it would be from Latvian into English... maybe you coul suggest me soom good topics to write about.Than You!

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    Re: translation

    I'm not sure how difficult food would be to translate- you might have to use descitpions where the Latvian text would have a name for a dish, but that's about it. Food is culture-bound, but that doesn't mean you can't translate it, even into a language belonging to a culture taht doesn't eat it.
    I would look for an aspect of Latvian life that is different- if I were coming to Latvia what would I need to know? Where could I misinterpret things or accidentally cause offence, etc.

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