I'm preparing for IELTS Academi module.. I learnt english from my childhood but still lagging in writing and reading skills. Already appeared for IELTS exam and got 5.5 in writing. I want to improve in my writing skills.

Here's the sample essay I wrote today morning. Please advice on this. I love to get crtique for my essays..

If you could study a subject that you have never had the opportunity to study, what would you choose? Explain your choice, using specific reasons and details

If I would have opportunity to study a subject, I think the subject would be ‘Cryptography and Stenography’. I have finished my Undergraduate degree in Information and technology so I was interested in this subject. In following programs I will analyze and present my own view about this study.

First of all, I believe this is the subject where you can learn more about hiding and de-hiding the messages in the various file formats like image, Audio and video. There are lot of algorithms are mentioned for performing the task. In olden days these algorithms are used for sending messages to other place. I was interested to do some researches in this algorithm. Second of all, I did final year project on cryptography and Steganography.

Why I like this subject? Because there is challenging task and code need to be written to hide a message in file. In this modern world you can see lot of engineers, software engineers and doctors. But few people in this field.

To sum up, I believe that this is subject is quiet interesting for me. This application is also widely used in military base for transferring in formation