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Topic: Should students do part-time job?

Before getting a good job, everyone needs to try many other jobs. The time when people take the “other jobs” is different for different individuals. To me, one of the best moments to try initial careers is student time. Indeed, this is the best period in human’s life to absorb knowledge and learn experience. For some reasons, I think students should take a part-time job.

For one thing, students taking a part-time job can get more experience for their future job. Actually, if a student manages to find a job that has things related to their lessons in school, they are lucky because they can apply what they learn in books to their tasks. Those who cannot find an appropriate job still benefit since they can have more experience dealing with circumstances that confuse them. The ability to respond to many kinds of circumstances is really important in any job, and taking a job when people are young turns them into skillful employees. For example, a student tutor can have chance to practice to be a teacher in future; students working as sale assistants not only know about the way to sell many products but also learn the method of managing and controlling the whole business from their bosses. So, taking a job beside studying is a good choice for the young to solidify their position in the future job.

In addition, when doing a part-time job, students can practice the lesson got from classes. Knowledge got from teachers is never enough. Students can only understand the meaning but they never understand the application of it. Students who study about economy can practice their knowledge by cooperating with a company. In this way, they can understand how managers calculate the net present value or how they can operate their companies to get bigger profit, or how they calculate the risks as well as the chances so that the companies can avoid encountering fiascoes. Another example, learning English with people who have the same nationality with you is never enough, and taking a job requiring a good demand of English can make it up, you can practice English with foreigners by working as a part-time tour guide, translator or interpreter. Knowing the application of the knowledge got from books is the most necessary part of studying, and a part-time job can help you in such case.

Finally, when doing a part-time job, students can earn money by their own so that they can grow up. Why can people grow up in this way? Students usually spend their parents’ money, they do not have to work hard so they hardly know its value. It’s not until they have to try their best that they set much value on their parents’ money and long-lasting effort to bring them up. When they have to work to earn money for themselves, they will sure find how difficult it is. Furthermore, young people have to deal with many awkward cases that require them to react quickly though sensibly to get the best result. Such environment of work does not allow youngsters to be childish, indeed, they need to grow up in their thought and their action to adapt to the world of adult and business.

To sum up, I can say that doing a part-time job does students good. They can get more experience for future job, practice the lesson got from classes and grow up. For the reasons I have mentioned, I am going to seek a job for my self and do it with all my best to grow out of my own ebullient thought and action.