View Poll Results: Would you like a video game to help you study English?

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  • Yes! This would be a fun way to learn and comunicate with other learners/teachers

    914 92.79%
  • Not sure/ don't care

    27 2.74%
  • No. Video games are for fun, not education

    44 4.47%
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    Re: Video Game for Learning English

    too much learning is boring
    too much game is not good
    why don't learn something while having fun sometime?
    i find it an effective way to learn english by playing game, especially it will be interesting for kids

    ac compressor

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    Re: Video Game for Learning English

    I almost always use games for learning English.
    Furthermore I've been watching American TV series for many months, too.
    Of course both games and TV series can contain some questionable English.
    Important is not to focus on freeware games or poor imports.

    Some games that I play:
    Unreal Tournament 3
    Final Fantasy XII
    Abe's Exodus
    Battlefield 2
    No One Lives Forever 2
    Counter-Strike Source
    (Plenty of more games, but most in German, though.)

    Series that I watch:
    According to Jim
    Still Standing

    One teacher said:
    Game programmers' first language is C++ or whatever, not English.
    Maybe he's right, however, if it's a well-known game (which is expensive), a programmer would never work on the language.
    Such a part is for a language teacher.
    I'm not a professional, but I can quickly find out if the English is poor or not.
    (I think most of us could find this out.)

    I have learned a lot of information just by playing such games or watching such TV series.
    If there are some unclear sentences, I can always ask in these forums to set things right!

    P.S. I hope my post was not too off-topic, but I really needed to write this


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    Re: Video Game for Learning English

    Nicee Thanks u

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    Re: Video Game for Learning English

    I would like to have one of this, but don't know whether is "Interactive" or not.

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