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    Question Using None

    I'm never sure how to treat the word "None." It must either be both singular or plural, or else it is very commonly misused.

    I have always contended that the word none is the same as the phrase "not one" and therefore is singular. So, in the sentence, "None of you reports to me any longer." none is singular and this is example is gramatically correct. If it were written, "None of you report to me any longer," it would be incorrect because the verb "report" does not agree with the singular "None," which would have to be plural.

    What's right? Is "none" singular, plural or both?

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    Re: Using None

    Here's what speakers do:

    [1] None of them is going. ('None' agrees in number with a singular verb)
    [2] None of them are going. (The verb agrees in number with the closest noun)


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