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Thread: Making a scene!

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    Making a scene!

    What does "making a scene" mean?

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    Re: Making a scene!

    Hi again tasneemspring,

    Another case of metaphorical speaking.

    You make a scene when you lose your temper for any reason, behaving disrespectfully, contemptuously, violently, rudely, boorishly or impolitely with others.


    Fly into a rage.

    Fly off the handle.

    Throw a fit.

    Go mad.

    Blow your top.

    See red.


    Lose your rag.

    Lose it.

    Hit the roof.

    (And others).


    José Manuel Rosón Bravo

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    Re: Making a scene!

    Quote Originally Posted by tasneemspring View Post
    What does "making a scene" mean?
    صباح الخير
    The exclamation suggests that it could be: making a row/scandal/scene,
    or, colloquial:to kick up a row.
    By the way, what is the context?

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