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    Dear Prof.,

    Could you please explain if there is any difference between "at the same place" and "in the same place"? To me the former is more accurate, for example, at a cinema or at a bar while the latter is more broad, for example in a city etc. Is that right?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: place

    AT :

    Used when a place is regarded as a point. We are interested in the activity that happens there, and not in the exact shape or dimensions of the place.


    It is used when the surroundings are three-dimensional. Also with countries, regions, large islands ...

    E.g..- We stopped for three-quarters of an hour at Kennedy Airport.
    We had lunch at the little pub round the corner.

    Who’s the man in the wardrobe?
    She lives in Buckinghamshire

    But : The train stopped at Buckinghamshire - just a point on a journey. After having stopped at Buckinghamshire, the train continued its route.

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