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    Chemical engineering --- pioneer of innovation and technological reformation

    Chemical engineering is basically defined as a branch of engineering dealing with the application of physical science (Chemistry and Physics), life sciences (Biology, Biotechnology, Biomedical, and so forth), and mathematics in converting raw materials and chemicals into useful commodities and high-tech products, which satisfy incessant demands from domestic communities and play pivotal roles in the operations of various fundamental industrial sectors.

    In this modern era, it serves as a cardinal platform for all humans to delve into the intrinsic traits and feasibilities of science, matter, and nature. The aspects such as thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, fluid mechanics, and quantum mechanics, being the bread-and-butter components of this magnificent realm, are perennially investigted with such a great rigour and precision that until now a good few astounding scientific outcomes have been unveiled and brought to the fore of the world. Recently, chemical engineering has successfully contributed to what has always been stimulating whoops of joy around the globe --- the University of Manchester's faculty of life sciences was renowned for sheding light on the discovery of a new species of fungi capable of degrading plastics or polyethane (polymer). Moreover, technological developments spurred by the advancement of nanotechnology and biotechnology have enabled mankind to explore all materials at not only the cliche macroscopic scale but also at the molecular and microscopic scales, subsequently tinkering and manipulating their characteristics to match some real-life applications. For instance, petrochemicals, polymers, medicine, industrial catalysts, electronic components, and manufacture materials highly-needed in aerospace and automotive industries, with the existence of such meticulously investigated realm of science, will no longer be friction-like or equated to meaningless imaginations.

    Following the devastating economic recession, it finally comes home to most world leaders especially the premiers of global super economies that the conventional economic model is no longer feasible in supporting the mechanism leading to continuous and sustainable economic spurt. If the law of natural selection does exist, then so does it in the world economic field and nowadays it tends towards the high-tech based sectors, innovations, creativity, and unconventional transactions. The above statement is the most evident when the President of the United States, Barack Obama has recently highlighted on the intensive research-and-development activities and strived to reduce the red tape that still prevails in his bid to support all efforts to create brand new, green, renewable energies and make the entire technological industrial sectors more resilient, prolific, and accessible.

    Partially owing to the economic downturn, he has also been articulate in amalgamating the entire professional brains scattering all around the planet, through more comprehensive unearthing and development of the chemical-engineering-based scientific realms, to address the current environmental predicaments --- continual droughts in the continent of China, staggering melt-down of glaziers, global-warming-induced climate change, etc. The major agendas encompass the transformation of energy generation and usage, optimization of the application of safe nuclear energy, clamping down on carbon-emitting industries, reducing the carbon footprint via global collaboration, and conservation of nature. And now the crux is that the only medium available is derived from nothing more than the modern chemical engineering.

    Finally, the combination of profound scientific know-how, innovation, and creativity is no longer betwixt and between with the maturing of chemical engineering. Under its auspices, more cutting-edge findings and achievements will turn into realities; and at the end of the day, we will become completely dependent on this realm to make yet other numerous breakthroughs and broaden our horizons on the alternative dimensions of the world we sense and explore with our bare hands and naked eyes.

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    Re: Chemical engineering --- pioneer of innovation and technological reformation

    I am interested by this article, but I would rather read it carefully after. It's too long

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